var aktivt fra 2004-2012, men eksisterer i dag kun som arkiv.

Symbolsk interaktionisme

Begreb introduceret af Blumer der selv beskriver det således: "...human group life consists of the fitting to each other of the lines of action of the participants; such aligning of actions takes place predominantly by the participants indicating to one another what to do and in turn interpreting such indications made by others; out of such interaction people form the objects that constitute their worlds; people are prepared to act toward their objects on the basis of the meaning theses objects have for them; human beings face their world as organisms with selves, thus allowing each to make indications to himself; human action is constructed by the actor on the basis of what he notes, interprets, and assesses; and the interlinking of such ongoing action constitutes organizations, institutions, and vast complexes of interdependent relations." (Blumer)


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